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Members of our staff

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Management Team

Prof. Dr. Christoph Heintze

Institute Director

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Foto: Charité
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Herrmann

Professor for General Practice, focus on health service research

Scientific staff

Foto: Christian Vagt
Sandra Fahrenkrog


Foto: Christian Vagt
Dr. Felix Holzinger

General Practitioner, MPH

Judith Kraft
Judith Kraft

M.Sc. in Public Health

Dr. Karen Krüger

ENT Specialist

Foto: privat
Lisa Kümpel

M.Sc. in Public Health, B.A. in Intern. Business

Foto: Simone Baar, Charité
Doreen Kuschick

M. Sc. Public Health

Dr. rer. medic Sarah Oslislo, MPH

B.Sc. Health Communication, MPH

Foto: Charité / Simone Baar
Dr. Konrad Schmidt

General Practitioner

Foto: Charité / Simone Baar
Judith Stumm

Research Associate, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, MPH

Associated scientists

Prof. Dr. med. Vittoria Braun

General Practitioner

Study Nurses and students

Foto: privat
Laura Bazahica

Student Assistant

Foto: privat
Nora Bruckmann

Student Assistant

Thuy Minh Tri Le

B. Sc. in Clinical Research

photo: private
Dunja Ronsberger

Student assistant

Foto: privat
Cornelia Wäscher

MPH, B.Sc. Health Communication

Module Office M36, M38, M39