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Members of our staff

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Management Team

Prof. Dr. Christoph Heintze

Institute Director

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Foto: Charité
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Herrmann

Professor for General Practice, focus on health service research

Dr. Sabine Gehrke-Beck

Head of teaching department

Scientific staff

Foto: Christian Vagt
Sandra Fahrenkrog


Foto: Christian Vagt
Dr. Felix Holzinger

General Practitioner, MPH

Judith Kraft
Judith Kraft

M.Sc. in Public Health

Dr. Karen Krüger

ENT Specialist

Foto: privat
Lisa Kümpel

M.Sc. in Public Health, B.A. in Intern. Business

Foto: Simone Baar, Charité
Doreen Kuschick

M. Sc. Public Health

Dr. rer. medic Sarah Oslislo, MPH

B.Sc. Health Communication, MPH

Foto: Charité / Simone Baar
Dr. Konrad Schmidt

General Practitioner

Foto: Charité / Simone Baar
Judith Stumm

Research Associate, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, MPH

Associated scientists

Prof. Dr. med. Vittoria Braun

General Practitioner

Study Nurses and students

Thuy Minh Tri Le

B. Sc. in Clinical Research

photo: private
Dunja Ronsberger

Student assistant

Foto: privat
Cornelia Wäscher

MPH, B.Sc. Health Communication

Module Office M36, M38, M39