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Das Bild zeigt eine rechte Hand, die weiße Kreide hält, und eine dunkle Tafel, auf die die Struktur eines Netzwerks mit der Kreide gezeichnet wird.

Research network ANCHOR

ANCHOR (Allgemeinmedizinisches Netz der Charité-Forschungspraxen) is a research network of General Practitioners in and around Berlin established by the Institute of General Practice.

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Which aspects are important for participating?

  • Interest in research on General Practice
  • Diverse activities in General Practice
  • Long-term interest in colaboration
  • Optional: Integration of a medical assistant

Why do we ask for your support?

... more than 80% of medical problems are solved in outpatient care, but there is still a lack of scientifically valuable studies in an ambulatory setting.
... you are interested in discussing and doing research on care relevant issues?

What are the benefits for the participants?

  • Networking with other General Practitioners doing research
  • Joint method development of research in ambulatory setting
  • Building up research capacities and promoting junior researchers
  • Forming a structure for a long-term research network