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Working Group Evidence based Primary and Interdisciplinary Care (EPIC)

Realization of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, development of guidelines and recommendations for primary care

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PL Dr. Felix Holzinger

General Practitioner, MPH

Foto: Christian Vagt

We focus on areas of primary care needing improvement and their interfaces with other levels of care and specialties. Based on this, we conduct systematic reviews, meta-analyses and develop guidelines and recommendations for primary care. Our main areas of interest are respiratory diseases, acute care, chronic renal failure, mental health and social medicine.

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

  • Health care interventions
  • Acute medicine in primary care and at the sectoral interface
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Mental Health
  • Meta-research and research methodology

Contact: Felix Holzinger


  • Respiratory diseases
  • Ear, nose, throat diseases
  • Renal diseases
  • Evidence synthesis and evaluation

Contact: Karen Krüger

Project and activities

Current projects:

  • SPI_RE
  • GUIDAGE CKD start of project 09/2022
  • Implementation of the DEGAM S3 guideline "acute and chronic cough"
  • Attempts by the health care industry to influence guideline development: a cross-sectional survey of guideline coordinators

Current mandate memberships:

  • S3 Guideline Tonsillitis (DGHNO)
  • S2k Guideline Adeniod vegetations (DGHNO)
  • S2k Obstructive bronchiolitis in infants and children (DGPJ)
  • S3 Community-acquired pneumonia in infancy and childhood (DGPJ)

Further activities: 

  • Networking with other institutes of general practice engaged in guideline work
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Aspects of social medicine in guideline work

Completed projects

Networks in Germany

  • DEGAM Standing Committee for guidelines
  • German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine (guidelines working group)
  • Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF)
  • Cooperation with other scientific medical societies: DEGAM, DGP, DGI, DGHNOHKC, DGPI, DGKJ