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Working Group Health Policy and Systems Research and Innovation

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Aim: Innovating and (re)designing health systems research and interventions

Conducting implementation research and evaluating health systems intervention with focus on stewardship, health financing and health service delivery for community oriented primary care with a public health perspective.

Focus: Anchoring implementation science and real world research in primary care

  • Innovating research methods in order to promote the uptake and use of evidence.
  • Supporting uptake of health policy reforms by accelerarting absorbtion into practice.
  • Supporting practitioners in serving patients needs.


  • Health systems research
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Collaboration, co-design and co-creation
  • Health policy foresight
  • Gender
  • Women
  • Community oriented primary care
  • Equity and social value

Main focus

Implementation research

  • Complex interventions
  • Systems thinking
  • Impact evaluation
  • Real world research
  • Health policy and uptake of reforms
  • Organization, financing and service provision in general practice

Disruptive Innovation

  • Population based needs
  • Social and economic sustainability

Responsive Transformation

  • Stakeholder engagement involvement in the innovation and implementation process
  • International knowledge and transfer of experience
  • Translation of lessons and networking: cross-country and cross-professions
  • Partnerships for Implementation and Innovation
  • Informing Health Policy, Practice and Practitioners
  • Uptake and Sustainability of reforms

Head of working group

Dr. Lorena Dini

Doctor, MScIH

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte

Interdisciplinary team

  • Eva Radtke (she/her)
    Studies: Health Economics (M.Sc.)
    Main focus: Data management, data protection, digitalisation in the health sector, billing and remuneration systems in outpatient care.
  • Deniz Senyel (she/her)
    Studies: Health Economics (M.Sc.)
    Main focus: Mental health, suicide prevention, women's health, health literacy
  • Salma Mekkes (she/her)
    Studies: Sociology in the field of technology (M.A)
    Main focus: Technology and innovation research, social inequality, gender sociology, women's health
  • Marcos Vinicius de Oliveira Gouvêa (he/his)
    Studies, medicine: (General practitioner, Brasil), International Health (M.Sc.) 
    Main focus: Community oriented primary care, general practice, social determinants of health, equity and health
  • Jacqueline Posselt (she/her)
    M.Sc. in Public Health
    Main focus: Health literacy, digital health, social inequality
  • Ana Ordoñez Cruickshank (she/her)
    Studies, medicine, geriatrics (Mexico), International Health (M.Sc.) 
    Main focus: Geriatrics, general practice, population-based surveys, epidemiology
  • Michael Zobi (MScIH) (he/his)
    Studies: Bachelor of Science and Medicine and Surgery (Ghana)
    Main focus: Mental health, tropical medicine
  • Poleta Luga (she/her)
    Studies, medicine (Albania),  International Health (M.Sc.) 
    Main focus: General practice, infektology