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Urban Primary Care Research Group

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Aim of the working group is to study and improve primary care in urban areas.

Urbanization is a worldwide process and also in Germany most people live in cities - with an increasing tendency. While there are already many research findings on the influence of cities on health and disease, both worldwide and in Berlin, there is a lack of specific research on medical care in urban areas. In particular, there are only a few studies on primary care in the city.

In the working group, we are focussing on three characteristics of urban areas: the high population density, the high heterogeneity of the population, and the fragmentation of local health care and social care. We use qualitative and quantitative methods of health care research. It is important for us to involve other diciplines, as well as the patients and local stakeholders in the districts. This interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach is important to us.

Urban Primary Care contacts

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Herrmann

Professor for General Practice, focus on health service research

Marie Bolster

M. Sc. in Global Health and Development

Zweifarbiger Schattenriss eines Frauenkopfes; grau auf hellgrau.
Jendrik Dedow

Physician, M.Sc. Global Health

Foto: privat
Kevin Schulz

M.Sc. Palliative Care

Foto: privat

PHD Candidates

Students writing their master's thesis

Axel Stoltzmann

Completed PhDs

Tobias Storms, born Deselaers, finished in 2021:

     Die Häufigkeit des Rücklaufs von Arztberichten in der ambulanten Gesundheitsversorgung aus der Sicht Berliner und Brandenburger      Hausärzte

     available at

Raven Ulrich, finished in 2021:

     Langzeitversorgung von Patienten mit Zustand nach Herzinfarkt in Deutschland

     available at

Christian Freier, finished in May 2023:

     Medikamentöse Langzeitversorgung nach Myokardinfarkt: qualitative Interviews mit Hausärztinnen und Hausärzten in Berlin und      Brandenburg