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Global health studies in the reformed medical curriculum

"Global health is relevant to everybody, because we live in an increasingly networked and globalized world."

 Prof. Dr. med Stefan Bösner

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Why global health in medical studies?

In an interconnected world, local and global challenges in health tend to conform more and more. Questions on global health become increasingly important. In order to meet these new social and political tasks doctors have to assume a greater social commitment.
Medical students in Berlin experience the mobility of their patients every day as well as the increasing internationalization of their faculty. As evidenced by the great number of medical internships abroad it is becoming more and more important to become familiar with other health care systems, social structures and cultural contexts. This is why an increasing number of students are active in student groups or NGOs. 
The guiding principle of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin combines patient-centered care, efficiency, responsibility, respect and entrepreneurship in the context of university medicine.
To prepare the students for the medical profession we focus on the social, cultural, economic and political determinants of health in local and global contexts, in order to train them to become critical and committed doctors with a strong awareness of global health issues.