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New Revised Medical Curriculum

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Since winter term 2010/11, all new students follow the Revised Medical Curriculum (Modellstudiengang Medizin MSM). So far, the faculty had qualified trainee doctors in the regular curriculum and in the reformed study program in medicine. The revised medical curriculum combines the strengths of both study programs integrating new teaching and learning concepts.

The revised medical curriculum comprises the following two sections. The first study section consists of six, the second of four semesters. Towards the end of the curriculum, the students absolve a practical year consisting of 48 training weeks. Divided into compulsory and elective modules, the study program has a modular structure. Apart from attending lectures, the students participate in small learning groups concentrating on problem-related learning (POL) and tuition courses on communication, interaction & teamwork and simulation (KIT), clerkship and practical days. Offering various teaching formats, the Institute of General Practice contributes to the medical training of the students.