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Promotion of future GPs

General Practice is fit for the future!


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If you are interested or still undecided, check out the numerous offers and funding opportunities for future GPs.

More about general practice during the study program

Lectures  (1st .-10th. semester)
There are still free places in our lectures. Interactive teaching is important to us. We are looking forward to your questions!

Elective courses (6th semester)
M 24 Vielfalt der Primärversorgung (variety in primary care)
M 24 Charité goes global - Primary Health Care, Global Health and Infectuous Diseases

Internship year in General Practice
1:1 Supervised teaching in GP practices, accompanying seminar during the internship

Peer-teaching tutorials
Private Practice I and II:

Cases from family practice

Other offers

Starting your carreer as a GP
Once a semester we offer an information event covering all open questions on further professional training, opening an own practice and work-life-balance. Experts of the medical association, GPs and young GP professionals answer your questions.  
Contact: ulrike.sonntag(at)

Summerschool and Junior Academy

DESAM Junior Academy
Once a year, 15 students are accepted into the 3-year support programme. The programm includes mentoring, retreat weekends and support for doctoral studies and career planning. Applications must be submitted by 15 January each year via the DESAM homepage.

Summerschool General Practice
The Summerschool General Practice with workshops, practical exercises and interactive discussion rounds takes place at different locations every year. 25 students can participate.

Winterschool - offered by the Hausärzteverband (General Practitioners' Association )
The annual Black Forest Winter School Schwarzwälder Winterschool Allgemeinmedizin is always held in the Black Forest. 24 students can take part in this event throughout Germany.

Offers of the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians

The German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians offers a free membership for students including the subscription to the journal Zeitschfit für Allgemeinmedizin. The annual conference always takes place in September. The participation fee for students is greatly reduced.