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How can we operationalize global health in university teaching?

Currently, different definitions and several multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral players shape the area of global health. Therefore, various approaches, methods and outcomes currently at the same time.

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Approaches to global health in research and medical education

Cole and colleagues have analyzed and specified approaches and activities in research and teaching related to global health (Cole 2017).
Transparency in institutional and individual approaches enables a clearer positioning of lecturers and a better understanding of their priorities and strategic decisions in the global health landscape. When looking at global health in medical education four approaches can be identified: technical (focus on science), humanitarian (focus on help), social justice (focus on ethics) and entrepreneurial (focus on innovation).

When planning and carrying out Global Health in medical education at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin we should consider and make these visible to our students.
(Chart 2, modified according to Cole 2017).